Eat my Bones


Two exhibitions!

It has been an exciting week for Eat my bones, with two events.


Stuck in Plastic in South Korea

With Stuck in Plastic friends, we’re having a two weeks exhibition in South Korea, in Art & Art gallery! I love the idea of having my pictures displayed at the other side of the world. That sounds a little bit crazy to me, but it’s real!

@Suné Horn

Thank you Suné to gave us the chance to do this exhibition.
Read the full story here and read Suné’s article here.


A new artistic collective and an exhibition

With a friend, we start up a collective of local artists, under the French name “Les Graines étranges” (Weird seeds in English). We are 9 peoples for now, from different universes: painting, comics, photography, etc. and it’s already a very excited project!

We are showing our work this week on the wall of Cultura in Puget-sur-Argens, a little town in the south of France.

It’s not an art gallery for sure, but we have some positive feedbacks, that’s nice.

Our Facebook page is here.

See you next week for news pictures!

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