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Parties and special events

Exhibition in Paris

Fifteen pictures of mine will be part of an exhibition in Paris, from next week to the end of September.

The place: bar restaurant Le Lutèce, 8 boulevard Saint Michel, 75006 Paris.

Of course, I’ll be there for the big opening, so let’s meet on the 6th of june at 6 pm.

And if you are in Paris, you should go visit it !




Stuck in Plastick Challenge

Little Curies

SiPgoes53 Marie Curie - Pose Skeleton - Toy photography - Miniature - Eat my Bones

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.” ― Marie Curie

During World War 1, Marie Curie procured some touristic cars with X-ray equipments to bring radiography near the war front. These vehicles were called “p’tites Curie” (little Curies) by soldiers.

Marie Curie is the personality of this week for SiPgoes53 challenge.